Major changes will be made in the education system to make education colorful

Education Minister called for the certificate to come out of all education. Dipu Moni said, big changes have to be brought in the education system by coming out of the conventional thinking. We want to bring joy to the education system. We need to focus on quality and quantity in education, not numbers.

He said this while addressing the inaugural function and discussion meeting of Sheikh Russell Gymnasium of Jessore University of Science and Technology (JUST) at noon on Saturday.

Earlier, he paid homage to the father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman with flowers on the mural at the main gate of Jabiprabir. MR Khan planted a Krishnacura tree in front of the medical center and inaugurated the Sheikh Russell Gymnasium.

The education minister said competition in the modern labor market is increasing. That is why we are working to build a skilled manpower under the vision and grace of our Hon’ble Prime Minister. There will be no conventional thinking or education system for these tasks. Everywhere we look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. That is why we need to make big changes in the education system to change the world. We are only studying, giving exams and giving certificates. That is why our education system is very much based on exams and certificates. At the same time unhappy. It ranges from pre-primary to university. We want to bring joy to the education system. Students will gain knowledge with joy. In the meanwhile, curiosity will be awakened. He will acquire knowledge by the joy of acquiring knowledge, not by compulsion. He also called for finding fault in the education system.

Referring to the biggest tool in education to address global challenges. Dipu Moni said the only criterion for survival in the world is qualification. Students need to build skilled human resources through science and information technology. Jessore University of Science and Technology will continue its efforts for the purpose of higher education.

He said technology is the vehicle of development. So we have to focus on innovating new technologies. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required. We will develop the country through the use of technology through new innovations and its proper application, Inshallah.

“We need skilled, healthy and strong manpower for the fourth industrial revolution,” he said. Dipu Moni said, besides science and technology, we have to acquire skills in sports. We can build a healthy and strong patriotic and enterprising generation. We will continue our efforts to achieve this goal. He highly praised Jabiprabir’s research, development activities and sportsmanship. At the same time, he assured that the Ministry of Education will be by his side in the development and progress of Jabiprabir.

Recalling Sheikh Hasina’s contribution to the development of Jessore, Kazi Nabil Ahmed, Member of Parliament for Jessore-3 constituency, said, “Jessore University of Science and Technology is proud to be the champion of Bangabandhu Inter-University Champs-2019.” This gymnasium is equivalent to the indoor stadium in Dhaka. He called upon the people to take full advantage of the benefits they are getting from the government.

Yabiprabir Vice-Chancellor Prof. said in a statement. Md. Anwar Hossain said that it is not possible for the university alone to promote this university to international level. Overall cooperation of the government is required. I promise that the progress that has started today, with more cooperation, we will be able to complete it very soon. At this time, he drew the attention of the Minister of Education to the development and progress including land acquisition for the expansion of Jabiprabir.

Yabiprabir Deans Committee convener said. Md. Nasim Raza also spoke at the event, said the treasurer of Jabiprabir. Abdul Majid, Registrar Engineer. Ahsan Habib, Director (Department of Physical Education) said. Mohammad Tofail Ahmed and others.

Jessore Deputy Commissioner on the occasion. Tamizul Islam Khan, Superintendent of Police Muhammad Ashraf Hossain, Jessore Board of Education Chairman Prof. Mollah Amir Hossain and senior teachers, officials and employees of Jessore University of Science and Technology were present.

Besides, leaders and activists of various levels of Jabiprabi Chhatra League were present on the occasion. Education Minister in the afternoon. Dipu Monir visited various laboratories, buildings and constructions of Jabiprabir. The gymnasium was built at a cost of around Tk 10 crore.

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