The land of the heroic freedom fighters will be registered within 10 days

The government is going to give special benefits to the heroic freedom fighters in case of land naming or mutation. The land of the heroic freedom fighters will be registered within 10 days (working days).

A notification will be issued from the land ministry this week to give this facility to the heroic freedom fighters of the country.

According to the law (State Acquisition and Tenancy Act, 1950), after a person acquires ownership of a land, the inclusion of the name of the new owner in the relevant ledger instead of the previous owner or opening a new ledger in his own name or updating the record is called mutation.

According to the Ministry of Land, it takes 28 days to issue a name in the current e-mutation system.

Secretary of the Ministry of Land. Makshudur Rahman Patwari said, “Our heroic freedom fighters, in exchange for whose blood this country has become independent, we will name their land within 10 working days.”

“E-mutations are effective now,” he said. The freedom fighters will apply for e-mutation system for land registration in the same way as the common people. It will be specially treated when he makes his application. Will be accepted as special application. Entry will be done in a separate registrar. ‘

‘It will then be sent to the Union Assistant Land Officer, Deputy Assistant, Kanungo, Surveyor — wherever applicable. They will give feedback. There will be a hearing. Initially photocopies of documents are given, it is difficult to decide on photocopy documents. That is why the freedom fighter has to appear with the original documents during the hearing. Will give AC land order within 10 working days. It will be named. ‘

The land secretary said, “There will be two issues here – if the application is correct, it will be granted, it will be registered.” If the application is not correct, it will be denied. This means that the application for registration will be disposed of within 10 working days. ‘

Maksudur Rahman Patwari said, ‘An order will be issued in this regard. It has been drafted. I think I will be able to issue it within this week. ‘

“We have a lot of respect for the freedom fighters,” he added. Therefore, the Ministry of Land has taken this initiative to give them special benefits. So that their time is not wasted, we can give them the service quickly. We are going to mutate the heroic freedom fighters for this purpose within 10 working days. ‘

The land secretary said, ‘The Ministry of Liberation War Affairs works for the freedom fighters. We are trying to be by their side with the capacity we have as a land ministry. ‘

Afifa Khan, Assistant Commissioner (Land) of Rupganj Upazila in Narayanganj district, said, But in the case of documents or our first look, it takes a little time. However, in the current system, mutations occur within 28 days. We will try to settle the application within this period. ‘

“If the government takes a new decision on mutations, we will take appropriate action,” he said.

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